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Arabic Words & Phrases

5 Listings

Let's learn Arabic, ask me what word or phrase you would like to learn.

Brands Wael Likes

3 Listings

Personal favorite brands of cloths, cars, colognes, sun glasses, shoes, watches, ...

Cars Wael Drives

4 Listings

The enjoyment and experience of driving some of the cars Lexus, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ferrari among other cars.


0 Listings

In life we fall and break down, that's strangers and friends and family extend a hand ...

Cloths Wael Wears

0 Listings

They say " You look like you just came out of GQ"

Friends' Voice

1 Listing

Giving an opportunity for my friends to show their talent in any shape or form.

Lunch, Dinner & Tea with Me

1 Listing

Enjoying a cup of tea and a delicious meal with a great company


32 Listings

Different types of songs from different cultures and different languages


35 Listings

We live, we experience & we learn. Quotes and Images by Wael and others.

Seriously Moments

10 Listings

Speaking my mind about issues and events that happened to him in different situation. Do not worry most of the time the names and identities of people involved are not mentioned :)

They Say About Wael

28 Listings

What can I say? That's what they say ...


5 Listings

Online cool and funny videos and clips from movies, commercials, personal, ...

Wael Writes

30 Listings

Writing is not something Wael thought he would do well until some friends read what he's written, support and encouragements started pouring in ... He tries :) :) :)

Wael's Photographs

0 Listings

Photography is one of the things Wael enjoys taking unique and creative pictures. Wael won few awards among Dallas Amateur Photographers

Wael's Trips

0 Listings

Pictures and activities of trips Wael has taken.

Wael's Websites

0 Listings

Not just another website, creativity, artistic and visionary approach for personal and professional sites

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